The Music

Sonic Peaks will be one large piece of music in 46 movements. Each movement will be short, typically about two minutes.

The pieces will be quiet and meditative in nature, being sensitive to the beautiful natural surroundings, and will use the voice and/or small, hand-held percussion instruments. 

Some of the movements of Sonic Peaks will be participatory, and will work for both trained and untrained musicians. Much of the music will be gestural in nature, requiring individuals to do simple things, like hum a note, or bang a couple of rocks together. The events will be coordinated by cues that I give.

This style of music is best described as “experimental,” in the sense that I’ll be exploring new textures and sounds in new environments.

Every movement will have the option to just sit and listen in the event that other people on the summit don’t want to hear music, or if the musicians feel that listening is more appropriate. The peaks have their own music, too.