The Music

I don’t know what the Sonic Peaks piece or pieces will end up sounding like. My plan is to show up with a bunch of manuscript paper and pencils and a voice recorder and open myself to the surroundings and let the experience shape the music.

In a general sense, this style of music is best described as “experimental,” in the sense that I’ll be exploring new textures and sounds, inspired by a relatively new environment. It’s certainly not commercial music; you won’t hear it on the radio. It might groove, it might not. It might be very sparse or it might be lush. It might be for standard instruments, but maybe it won’t. We’ll see how the intense experience of summiting all 46 peaks in one intense push shapes the music. It will certainly be different than sitting at a desk, in a temperature-controlled room, surrounded by creature comforts (and distractions).

I’m a passionate athlete and outdoors person and I spend a lot of time in the woods hiking, trail running, and cycling, and when I’m out there I often create music. Sometimes I stop to write things down or record myself singing melodies or rhythms, other times I just work out problems that I couldn’t solve at my desk.