The Music

I don’t know exactly what the Sonic Peaks piece or pieces will end up looking/sounding like. My past work with graphic scores, which you can see HERE, will likely be present in many of these pieces, as it’s a working compositional vocabulary, but the things I feel and see and experience that are particular to each peak and each hike will inspire new graphics.


In a general sense, this style of music is best described as “experimental,” in the sense that I’ll be exploring new textures and sounds, inspired by a relatively new environment, without any concern for whether it sells or not. It’s certainly not commercial music; you won’t hear it on the radio. It might groove, it might not. It might be very sparse or it might be lush. It depends on the score, and of course on the musicians interpreting it.  You can check out my EXPLORATIONS series on Bandcamp to hear examples of this kind of experimental music.