The 46ers

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4,000 feet isn’t that high. How hard can they be?

Hard. Trust me. So far I’ve summited seven of them and I was humbled every time. They are rugged, slippery, and surprisingly steep. The woods are typically completely impenetrable, and the trail is often just a creek bed, so you have no choice but to hike through steep, slippery, cold water and jagged boulders and rocks, often on your hands and knees, with constant big step ups.

Normal hiking is out of the question; it’s borderline mountaineering. I’m in top physical condition, but I’m still exhausted and sore after a day of hiking the High Peaks. Doing all 46 of them in one gesture, day after day, will likely be one of the hardest things I do in my life.

But beautiful? Oh yes, and the ruggedness is part of the charm. You get used to it after a while. It has changed me and when I’m not there I’m dreaming of getting back as soon as I can.