The 46ers

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4,000 feet isn’t that high. How hard can they be?

Hard. Trust me. I hiked three of them in September 2019 and I was humbled. They are rugged, slippery, and surprisingly steep. I went up the backside of Algonquin and I climbed 2,100 vertical feet in exactly two miles. The “trail” was mostly a creek bed, often with frigid running water. The woods are completely impenetrable, so you have no choice but to hike through steep, slippery, cold water and jagged boulders and rocks, often on your hands and knees, with constant big step ups. Normal hiking is out of the question; it’s borderline mountaineering. I was in excellent physical condition but I still made it back to my motorcycle sore and aching all over and completely spent.

But beautiful? Oh yes, and the ruggedness is part of the charm. You get used to it after a while. It changes you and then you want more. I’m really looking forward to doing all 46 in one fell swoop and making music on the summits.