Getting started . . .

A few years ago when I did my Sonic Divide project I remember a tipping point where I stopped dreaming and thinking and yearning for it, and actually set it in motion. But once it started it kept going for over three years! First there was the build up to the adventure itself, then the adventure, then six months of filmmaking, and then scores of concerts, film festivals, a recording, lectures, and a TEDx talk. Three years later I’m still sharing that wonderful adventure with people all over the world. I just got back from a festival in Mexico where we screened the short version of Sonic Divide film and I performed several of the pieces.

I think Sonic Peaks may go further. More people hike than bikepack. Hiking is cheaper and doesn’t require the added technique of keeping a bike working, and the Adirondacks are easily accessible from many major metropolitan areas in the Northeast. The pieces of music I’m composing with be open to anyone to participate–even if they don’t have a musical background (anyone can bang rocks together on cue!) so many more people can be involved in the adventure and the film.

The tipping point has arrived. I’m moving forward with Sonic Peaks, and I’m eager to make music on the summits of these gorgeous and rugged mountains.

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